Information, Ideation then Creation. Orange Provides Strategic Solutions for Successful Campaigns

Our knowledge of the media is unsurpassed across the region. This includes relationships with media house executives at the highest level as well as actual media rates, programmes and the use of media surveys to put clients’ messages where the market is. Therefore the airing of a patois ad is more appropriate in St. Lucia between 5am and 7am or after 6am as that demographic is the early riser or listens to radio coming from the fields or other workplaces.


We run the gamut from simple marketing concepts to complex rebranding strategies. We continue to be part of Executive teams on stratgy with many of our clients. As a highly creative shop we then translate these strategies into tacticals and marketing communications for all levels of roll out be they Above the Line or Business to Business. Our rebranding work for ECFH, 1st national Bank and APuA remain notable.


We bring together the best teams of videographers to execute our concepts. We produce commercials, public service announcements, TV magazines. Some of the latest works include the Lime Big Money TVC, Mobanking TVC with Adrian Augier and H2O as well as Saving and Investment music video. View some of the Commercials Orange has Produced


Data drives marketing and we engage a fair amount of research in our solutions form focus groups, online surveys and omnibus surveys.


From concept to planning and execution Orange can handle events on behlaf of clients large or small. This may include a simple cocktail or relaunching of brand as we did for 1st National Bank. View other work that we have done for 1st National Bank


Our jingles and radio pieces range from simple voice overs to involved musical pieces. The genres cover generic, Caribbean and fusion. View some of the Audio pieces that Orange has Created.


Our team of artists create more than graphics but classics. Whether it’s a logo or a full corporate identity to packaging and publications we have done it all. View some of the Print Materials that Orange Media has designed.


Inorder to get your business, Orange first gets your business, we think about what you are selling, the market that you’re selling into, the people you meet in the selling process, and provide the intellectual tools what will help you do it all better. Sales training and selling methods are perpetually evolving, corporations require Orange to keep them ahead


Orange has specnt many years, anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of client organizations. These years have left Orange fully equipped to nurture confidence in organizations large or small.

Our developers create custom programmed websites, that make your website function exactly as you want. Orange has developed websites for clients across the brief, Corporate, Small Businesses and Personal Portfolios. We work hard to not only make aesthetically pleasing web application designs, but go further by making them fully functional, business oriented web applications. From Basic Portfolio websites, to Fully customized Content Management Systems, Orange has programmed them all. Click Here to View some of the Websites Orange has Designed!

What is Orange Media Group?


The Orange Media Group Inc is a leading Marketing, PR, Research and Event Management outfit based in Saint Lucia servicing clients within the OECS region. The company was founded by Timothy Earny St. Catherine a qualified journalist and marketer. Over the past 20 years the company has won significant contracts to re-image and re-engineer major national institutions.

Orange combines over 20 years of experience, industry success and creativity when finding solutions to marketing and advertising challenges. Simple taglines or complex campaigns involving:- Research, Brand Definition, Corporate Identity Development, Graphic Art, TV and Film, Audio and Jingle Production. Web Design and Hosting, Event Management or Sales Training, Orange has juiced them all!


Here's what our Clients think, as they say "Can't Argue with the Results"

Curtis McKay – Manager – Telecommunications Division iMobile

“Orange is unquestionably a leader in creativity and strategic thinking and unparalleled in the region for “out-of-the-box” ideas. Their contribution in the rejuvenation of the APUA PCS brand into Imobile saw a very successful rebranding of the Antigua and Barbuda’s state-owned telecoms company. There was an immediate marked increase both in terms of winning share of mind and heart as well as wallet”

Derry Williams – Managing Director Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

“The launch of BOSVG, and the subsequent marketing of the refreshed products, tenets and service offerings of the Bank by Orange, has made a potentially challenging period, one of extremely positive outcomes. The Orange team significantly value-added to the process from start to finish with real insight into strategy and cutting edge creative executions to teach an entire nation about the benefits of their new Bank.”

G. Carlton Glasgow – Managing Director 1st National Bank St. Lucia Limited

“We have found Orange Media Group Inc. and its executives to offer tremendous support to our business objectives. Our marketing communications have never looked better or been more powerful”

Bernard Cornibert -Group CEO Winfresh

“To suggest that the material produced by Orange reflects the value of their relationship with us, would be doing disservice to the real value brought to bear through creative thinking and ideation that have borne fruit many times over. From product names and designs to website development, consistent quality have been their watchwords.”